Dogs can have a fatal reaction to eating chocolate.

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Interesting Facts


“Dogs can have a fatal reaction to eating chocolate. Chocolate contains a bitter alkaloid called Theobromine also known as Xantheose and that’s the active ingredient that’s bad for the dog. If you’ve read all the interesting facts to this point you’re awesome!”

  1. It’s important to know that animals are not like humans. They have different body systems than we do and sometimes, something that may be good for us is not good for the animal. I’ve always known that dogs shouldn’t eat sweets, especially chocolate. I used to have a dog, and we always made sure to keep it from eating anything it shouldn’t.

    If you want to give your dog a treat, make sure it’s actually for dogs. These days they have cakes and cookies that are made especially for dogs, but can be eaten by people as well. For instance, for those who like to throw their dogs birthday parties (which i’ve never understood) people can buy birthday cakes for the dogs that are safe to eat for the animals and for the humans.

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