Here I’m support education

Posted: April 17, 2013 in For you ...

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What do you think?

Do you agree or disagree ?


  1. edserrano90 says:

    Education can be expensive in short term, but in long term it will give you more of what you actually pay. That’s my case, when I was receiving financial aid, I was not sure of what I wanted to study and now that I am not receiving it, I know what I want to study. Education is forever, no one can come and take it away from you. Every time a semester starts, I am broken financially because I have to pay for my books, but the effort counts because there will be a day where I would make more of what I paid for the books.

    People does not take advantage of opportunities and more when it comes to education. I have seen how smart people stop studying for making money, and I have seen how those same people go broke within years. You might build an empire, but you do not have the education and knowledge, you will break and it might be worst because it might take more than your empire.

  2. csdykeman says:

    The fact that this is so true is quite nauseating. It seems that a great many of the “haves” and “powerful” would be much more comfortable supporting and funding prisons rather than education. Especially advanced education because our country was built on the “elitist” view that education is for the well bred. Ignorant masses are easier to manipulate and control if they are not “too educated or aware”. Times change and the US is gradually slipping in world standing because we value education less and less. Our future is built on the foundation of our youth and if less are educated and more are imprisoned, where are leaders of tomorrow?

  3. mailtoandrey says:

    That’s a good one.
    Another way of looking at education expense is to treat as an investment. And many people agree that this is one of the best investment a person can do. It will be paying back the whole life..

  4. I agree sometimes to be ignorant can be costly

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