How Rich Men Think and Act – the secret why they become richer and richer

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Interesting Facts
  1. I recommend reading “How to Get Rich– by felix Dennise. I like this book because it tells you truthfully – many things you should be aware of – and it helps you deal with the many obstacles that you have to overcome before you can really be rich – I like this guy – and I like his truthfulness, and it is hard for me to see my own shortcomings which I can see clearly in this book – as I am much like this guy Albert that he discusses in the book. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on how to become wealthy (and I’ve read many) which were as honest as this book is, and I suggest highlighting some of the tidbits of wisdom that he offers – and honestly I think it’s good to do that with any book you read – or any conversation that you have with people. For example when I spoke to my father on the phone I learned that many things he said were these little “gems” of wisdom – and maybe I couldn’t comprehend everything he was saying but I wrote down his nuggets of wisdom that he shared with me and I wrote them down in a file. This book is worth buying and keeping. I have been reading a library copy but I plan to buy my own book.
    Most of the other get-rich books I’ve read make it seem much easier than it really is, glossing over the vital information Dennis provides. Dennis is so much more truthful than the likes of Kiyosaki, Trump and Robbins. I am now, at last, prepared to settle for comfortable because – like the silent majority – I never want to become obsessed, to have my life taken over. But, if someone is already an addictive personality, why not choose getting rich instead of whatever substance or process they’re currently abusing?
    However, it’s also worth reading “The Millionaire Mind” and “Automatic Millionaire” for other takes on getting rich. Those books detail gentler, proven ways of becoming comfortable (a few million) as opposed to the obsession required to become really rich (tens or hundreds of millions).

    • Thank you Cristina for bringing and sharing with us your personal opinion about this book which you read, I definitely will take your advice and will read some of this book.
      In addition I admire the way you thinking, wisdom and deep thinking I feel in you.

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