About me

Marketing, Yoga, Pilates, Buddha Bar, Green Tea, Relaxation, Meditation, Forest, Hiking, Good movie which can touch the heart like “Silver lining Playbook”, Inspirational positive book, like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, French cheese, Honey, Aroma candles. Silence…

Life is good

  1. I like the positive out look you have on your page. During times in school it seems like pressure can build up and we start to stress about things that should not consume our lives. When you have life is good, it is something that we take for granted sometimes appreciating the beauty that life has to offer us.

    Also i see that you have yoga as one of your interest, i feel that it is a great way to merge sound body with sound mind where you can push all the worries of the world and the day behind and just live in the moment.

  2. Think of it as the mind-body connection in reverse. Just as mind-body techniques (such as meditation and visualization) that start in the brain can cause physical changes in your blood pressure, hormone levels and immune system, how you manipulate your body and external world can regulate your mood, improve your concentration and boost your confidence and creativity.

  3. c macias says:

    Although I cannot say that I could relate to you on a personal level (because the different things that you enjoy and appreciate aren’t all that similar), I would say that I think it is interesting how you could set aside, pretty much the whole world to create a kind of inner sanctuary. When you think about what you enjoy, and do so in a calm manner, I think you’re doing good things for yourself. You give yourself space and you give yourself permission to relax and be yourself despite anything else.

    When I was younger, some of the most relaxing things I would do actually involved playing video games. Curiosity comes into play when you start to ask yourself how you could pass a level in so many different ways. Passing a level in Super Mario Bros. as quickly as possible with or without taking damage is an example. Tetris is another interesting game full of possibilities on how you want to play. The euphoria almost feels like taking a college exam and trying to figure out the best answer. I’m serious about that.

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