Entertainments & not only

  1. allthingsconsidered says:

    I love this movie. Cooper’s acting was phenomenal. Its amazing to see how a person,who is labeled crazy, can see the real truth which is pretty simple. I think this also shows how we can complicate basic human relationships.

    • Yes Indeed, Cooper absolutely great in this role and he was played so naturally, I’m simply in love how he does in this movie. I don’t know what exactly, but something really touched my feeling and it is something special, deeper inside.

      I would like to say thank you all of you who brought this comments out about this movie and shared your feeling.

  2. mailtoandrey says:

    I enjoyed this movie very much! Great story, great actors, and Robert De Niro is my favorite. The movie really touched my heart; I also had a good laugh. Highly recommend this movie for those who didn’t see it yet.

  3. nnuno001 says:

    I have not seen Silver Linings Playbook yet. I was supposed to watch it one evening with a friend. It had already been out for a while and was already nominated for an Academy Award. So my friend and I went to the theaters in Burbank. In Burbank therer are three movie theaters. The main one which is Burbank 16 with many food places surrounding it. Another one is located inside the mall which I believe is the samllest. And lastly there is one next to CPK, which is across the street from IKEA.

    I forgot to check at which theater it was playing, so we showed up to the main theater and it turns out it was not playing there, but they sent us to the one inside the theater. My friend and I walked to the one inside the mall and when we arrived it turned out that it was not playing in that theater as well. We were told that it was the one next to CPK. At this time the mall was already closing so we would have to go around. Since it was already getting late we decided that it would be better just to watch a movie where we were and watched Twlight: Breaking Dawn Part II. Im sure Silver Linings Playlist would have been a lot better.

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